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Love Shutters Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having shutters?

Internal Plantation shutters are becoming increasingly popular with people looking for a new and unique alternative to traditional interior window coverings.

They are already very popular in the USA and the trend is now taking hold in the UK as people become aware of the benefits of internal shutters as a modern alternative to blinds and curtains.

The benefits of internal shutters can be summarised as follows:

Aesthetically shutters look much better than traditional curtains and blinds and improve the appearance of any room significantly.

Shutters increase thermal insulation of windows and are now a renowned ‘green’ product to increase the energy efficiency of homes. This fact can now be reflected in the Energy Performance Certificate that is required before a house can be placed on the market for sale.

Shutters allow the ventilation to keep a room cool during high temperatures in the summer.

Shutters are more hygienic than traditional curtains or fabric blinds.

The increase in allergies and respiratory problems in the UK are in part attributable to rising mould and dust mite populations in UK homes.

Fabric window coverings provide breeding grounds for the house dust mite and when condensation collects between curtain and window it gives the opportunity for mould spores to accumulate too.

Shutters resolve all the above problems and are easy to maintain as they simply wipe clean.

Shutters provide heighten security and enhance the privacy of a room and help to block out unwanted external noise.

Shutters enable the control of light much better than other traditional window coverings.

Shutters are extremely low maintenance.

Due to the way our Shutters are constructed they are excellent for blocking out light.

Are your products environmentally friendly?

The short answer is yes. As a company we are conscience of our carbon foot print – that’s why we will only use biodegradable cardboard to package our shutters and ensure that this is removed from our customer’s homes for recycling – we will not use bubble wrap or polystyrene.

All of our wooden shutters are totally environmentally friendly. Wood is a renewable source and we ensure that all of our wood comes from carefully selected sources where there is a commitment to replenishing the natural stock. In fact, the wood we use is specifically grown for the industry or it derives from managed forest areas so as not to upset the eco balance of any area.

Recently some plastic or UPVC window coverings have been marketed as environmentally friendly as compared to wood. Although plastic alternatives do have a place in the window coverings industry (such as in high moisture environments and as low cost alternatives) to market them as environmentally friendly is clearly misguided and misleading.

Wood is a renewable source. Plastics and synthetic fibres are not – they are petroleum based and aluminium is mined from fixed reserves in the ground – both are not renewable sources and clearly less environmentally friendly than the eco-friendly wood that we use to manufacture our shutters.

Not only is wood the more eco-friendly product, but the production of wood is far more energy efficient than the production of any other raw material resource. The fact that the production of wood utilises less energy means less carbon dioxide emissions into the global atmosphere and thereby reducing the greenhouse effect.

Love Shutters UK is probably the only UK shutter company that has on its board of directors a member whose family is involved in the enviro-friendly production of wood on a large scale.

At Love Shutters UK we are of the firm view that only products that can be proven to be friendly to the environment should be used and we will not put our name to any other products. Rather than encouraging the use of non-renewable wood substitutes we are looking at ways to make use of the natural resource that is wood which is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

The Harrow Range is the most eco-friendly as it is made from laminated veneer lumber (LVL) core and therefore no trees have been cut down specifically to produce the Harrow Range. The LVL core is made up of the off-cuts of Basswood or similar material which is not usable elsewhere which is then laminated together to make a strong but light core. The Harrow Range is made from LVL core, LDF laid bulk and sealed with a polymer outer coating.

The Eton Range is made of basswood and again is extremely eco-friendly. Basswood has a fast grow rate and forestation procedures are used to rejuvenate and maintain the forests. In fact statistics show, that basswood is growing more than three times as fast as it is being harvested. The entire process is managed so that all stocks are more than adequately replenished.

The Winchester Range is made from laminated constructed wood called Parasol. It originates in areas of China, Japan and the southern states of the USA. It is farmed widely as the tree is able to reach full height in only 15 years or so.

The Westminster Range is made from Western Red Cedar which is an expensive timber. We purchase the cedar from the Western Red Cedar Association in Canada and as a result it is sourced from either replanted cedar or sourced from forest areas where it is specifically managed.

How easy is it to maintain the shutters?

Very easy. You do not need any special equipment or cleaning materials – normal household products will suffice. They are extremely low maintenance

Harrow Range – all you need to use is a damp cloth to clean these shutters.

Eton/Winchester/Westminster Range – a dry cloth or an ostrich feather (extra static dust collector) would be more appropriate for the shutters in these ranges.

If you would like to purchase a cleaning kit please ask our surveyor or fitter and we will be happy to assist

What do I need to do before I have a free home survey?

Generally speaking our experienced surveyors will guide you though the whole process when they attend at your address. However, there are a few things that you need to make us aware of before we attend as otherwise the measurements we may take during the survey will not prove to be correct. The information we need to know in advance is:

  • Are you planning to fit new windows before the shutters are going to be fitted?
  • Are you planning to have the walls around your windows plastered before the shutters will be installed?
  • Are there wires, cables, power points, telephone sockets situated where the shutters are going to be fitted?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then we will need to conduct the FREE HOME SURVEY after you have had the above work done so that we can ensure the measurements we take are completely accurate.

You will appreciate that we provide made to measure shutters – they are a precision fit and we take pride in ensuring that all our products fit into your home immaculately. We will not put our name to any work that falls below this high standard and therefore we will advise you not to engage our services until you have had the above work carried out.

How long will my delivery take and why?

All our shutters are custom made to the exact measurements of your windows. No two windows are the same and such precision crafting does take a little time. For this reason, the fitting time will usually be 6-8 weeks from the date the order has been placed with us. Express Delivery Service – we do offer an express delivery & fitting service with a reduced waiting time of only 3 weeks compared to the normal waiting time of 6-8 weeks. There is an additional charge of £100 per square metre for this service.

What do I use to cover my windows while waiting for the shutters to arrive?

You do not have to leave your windows exposed while waiting for your shutters to arrive. We can supply you with temporary blinds which are a cost effective and elegant way of dressing your window and maintaining your security and privacy before your beautiful hand crafted shutters are fitted.

Our temporary blinds:

Colour: available in black or white
Size: 183cm (length) x 91.5cm (wide)
Quantity: 6 per box
Price: £39.00

They are easy to fix by simply peeling off a strip and sticking to a window. Clips are used to control the opening and closing of the temporary blind.

Please ask our experienced surveyor for more information.

What guarantees accompany your shutters?

We offer an industry leading 5-year guarantee on our products whereas most other shutter providers may only offer a 3 year guarantee.

We are confident that the quality of our product is of the very highest standard and that our installation of your beautiful shutters will also be performed by us to the same exacting standards.

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