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Shutter Style Options


Let the light in without compromising style and privacy.

The Café style covers the bottom part your window whilst allowing light to shine through at top., thus enhancing the kerb appeal and practicality of your windows.

Ideal for any room in your home.

Full Height

Cover your entire window, whilst still controlling the natural light.

Our full height with its timeless design and smart cool lines, completely covers the full length of window without restricting light entering the room.

This style of shutter can be crafted incorporating a mid-rail providing the option of the top or bottom section being open independently thereby allowing more flexibility over light control.

This design also contributes towards greater insulation during the winter months.

Tier on Tier

The Tier on Tier design represents the most flexible in style options. Similar in look to our Full Height panels, this style features two separate shutter panels that operate separately.

The two tiers are fixed one above the other, offering the option of opening the top panel or the bottom independently according to the amount of light required.

The scope of this design provides the benefit of the flexibility and privacy of the Café style shutter.

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